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Safety Center’s Teen to Teen Safe Driving Campaign Program

Safety Center’s Teen to Teen Safe Driving Campaign program is back for the 2020-2021 school year, and we are going virtual!

This free program is an opportunity for your high school students to create a campaign encouraging safe driving for your school and community and help save lives. Safety Center provides the training and information teens need to create their own unique campaign and expand their leadership skills so that they can be successful in reaching the most members of their community. Enrollment for this program starts now. It’s as easy as filling out the attached form and emailing it back to by January 13, 2021.

What will you get?

- 5 LIVE Training Sessions facilitated by Safety Center Staff

○ Topics include: Making Safe Driving Decisions, Goal Setting, Crafting your Message, Creating your Action Plan, Civic Engagement, Getting the Word Out, and Measuring Impact.

- Digital Campaign Toolkit including:

○ Action Plan, Survey, and Final Report Templates

○ Safe Driving Roadmap

○ Suggested Activities

○ Safe Driving Resources and Links

- Statewide Recognition for Your Campaign Successes, including:

○ Digital Badges for Your School's Website and Social Media

○ Digital Leaderboard showing how your campaign compares to other high schools across the state

○ Print and Social Media Exposure for your campaign

- Prizes for your School

○ Top 9 Campaigns will earn money for their schools

○ Honorable Mention Prizes for creative and effective campaigns

To enter, we will need the name and email of the faculty advisor, student leaders, school contact information, and the number of students attending your school.

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