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San Francisco Department of Elections Spring 2024 High School Elections Ambassador Program

Dear San Francisco High School Administrators,


The San Francisco Elections Department is pleased to announce the opening of our application process for the Spring 2024 San Francisco High School Elections Ambassador Program.


While serving as High School Elections Ambassadors, students gain valuable hands on experience conducting civic outreach and voter registration drives in their schools and neighborhoods. The two week program coincides with the Spring 2024 High School Voter Education weeks, April 15th – April 28th, 2024. The student ambassadors work to engage and educate their peers on civic participation and the privilege and power of their right to vote as citizens of a democratic country.


The Spring 2024 San Francisco High School Elections Ambassador program requirements are as follows:


  • Must be enrolled in a San Francisco High School during Spring 2024

  • Attend a virtual 90 minute Mandatory Training Session – April 4 or April 11, 2024

  • Prepare an outreach activity plan

  • Spend at least five hours per week conducting voter outreach activities between April 15 – April 28, 2024

  • Prepare a two page report summarizing your service as a High School Elections Ambassador


Prior to beginning the program, the student ambassadors must participate in a training workshop facilitated by their program mentors. The training workshop is designed to equip the student ambassadors with the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently carry out their voter registration and education activities. During the workshop, the student ambassadors will have the opportunity to engage in practical exercises, including registering each other as new and future voters. They will participate in brainstorming sessions to share their ideas and strategies for outreach activities. During the training workshop, the student ambassadors will also receive guidance on handling potential questions they might encounter during their outreach events, ensuring they are well-prepared to provide accurate and informative responses.


The San Francisco High School Elections Ambassador program aims to:


  • Promote voter registration and pre-registration among high school students, emphasizing the importance of civic participation

  • Enhance voter education through workshops and discussions on voting rights, election procedures, and local elections

  • Foster civic awareness and community engagement by involving students in community outreach activities


During the Spring 2023 San Francisco High School Elections Ambassador program, in just two weeks, the student ambassadors collected over 800 voter registration forms, a very significant and positive contribution to the development of an informed and active student electorate in San Francisco. The talented group of student ambassadors represented a variety of educational backgrounds including students from public, private, and charter schools.


We encourage any and all interested students to apply to the program using this link – The application deadline is April 1, 2024. We have attached a pdf of our Spring 2024 High School Elections Ambassador flyer to this email. Please feel free to share this flyer with your High School community.


Please email us at if you have any questions or would like more information.


The San Francisco Department of Elections

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