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School for Ethics and Global Leadership - Study in London

SEGL in London will open for the 2023-24 school year.

Home to our Summer Institute for five years, London is an ideal location for SEGL’s third campus. Want to discuss Brexit with a Member of Parliament? Consider the future of the British Commonwealth with a Royal historian? Evaluate Prime Minister Truss' economic agenda inside the legendary Square Mile financial district? Walk onstage at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre? Visit the European continent during fall/spring break?

It is all possible in London!

SEGL in London is available to current sophomores (and juniors!). Although those with a special interest in finance or theater may find this opportunity particularly attractive, anyone with an interest in ethics, leadership, and international studies should consider applying. And this year we're offering a new option: a two-campus, two-semester experience that will allow applicants to immerse themselves in all things SEGL for an entire year.

More information about SEGL in London is available here.

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