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SEGL TV: Nonprofit to Support Genocide Prevention with Carl Wilkens

Dear Friends:

Join us tomorrow August 5th at 8pm Eastern on SEGL TV for a conversation with SEGL Golden Mug Award Winner Carl Wilkens!

As our graduates know, Wilkens was the only American to stay behind during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. He saved hundreds (if not thousands) of lives. He has since started his own nonprofit to help prevent genocide. 

Tomorrow's session is called Restorative Practices & Rwanda's Pathway to Trust: Principles and practices for navigating today's complex world. Naomi Amuzie (Spring `17) will moderate.

Prior to the segment, we recommend reading Carl's written piece, A Matter of Posture. (You do not need to read the piece to attend!)

To join us and to learn more about our upcoming programming, visit SEGL TV

See you soon!


Noah Bopp

Founder and Head of School

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