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Sequoia Leadership Institute Youth Internships | LQBTQQ+ Youth and Allies

Sequoia Leadership Institute (SLI) internships are paid opportunities for LQBTQQ+ youth and allies to build community, learn about social justice, and develop leadership and job readiness skills.

Interns get to know their peers, engage in interactive discussions, work on creative projects, and take part in community building activities. They co-create a final project, such as a zine or online art gallery, expanding upon the skills that they learned throughout the internship.

We are looking for youth who are:

  • Connected to the LGBTQQ+ community

  • Connected to the undocumented/immigrant community (for the UndocuWorkforce internship)

  • Invested in learning about social justice and LGBTQ+ hxstory

  • Motivated to acquire job readiness skills

  • Excited to work in a team


  • Able to access the internet

  • Able to attend internship every M, T, Th, F afternoon

Applications close June 15, 2020

We will be hosting online info sessions on the following dates:  5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15 

Please join us if you’d like to find out more about our summer internships or have questions.

Email in order to register for an info session. 

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