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SF Marin Foodbank Volunteers Needed

Our mission is to end hunger in San Francisco and Marin Counties. Pre-pandemic we distributed 48 million pounds of food each year and now with the expansion of our programming such as our Pop-Up Pantries and Home-Delivered Groceries program, we will distribute 68 million pounds of food annually. That is equivalent to 52,000 households and 1 million meals served each week.

We could not do this without the unwavering support of volunteers who come out Monday-Saturday, rain or shine, to build grocery bags for distribution, drive to help with deliveries, build our senior boxes, and so much more. Our volunteers donated over 150,000 hours last year. These efforts allowed us to expand our programs and help get food out to the community every week.

We are always looking for new volunteers who are interested in helping to end hunger in our community. We offer group shifts from 15-40 people depending on the location and time. We have over 30 different locations all over San Francisco and Marin Counties that allow for volunteers to be part of various projects to feed the community. Here are all volunteer opportunities currently available:

  • Illinois Warehouse: build grocery bags for home delivery in San Francisco

  • San Francisco Warehouse: build grocery boxes, glean produce in San Francisco

  • Pop-Up Pantry: distribute food from multiple locations in San Francisco or Marin

  • Marin Warehouse : sort and pack food in the warehouse in San Rafael

Please let me know if you have any further questions and would like to schedule a call. Thank you for your time and consideration! Looking forward to hearing from you! In community, Alex Raffanti She/Her Group Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator

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