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Sierra Nevada Journeys - Outdoor Educators Needed

We’re currently hiring several Outdoor Educator roles with varying lengths of contract dates of either May 31st – August 6th or May 31st – November. Over the summer, Instructors lead camp programs for other partnering nonprofits focused on serving youth with outdoor and leadership education. Our Outdoor Program Instructors also live (in staff housing) and work in Portola, CA. Sierra Nevada Journeys provides competitive pay, housing and meals while working at camp, along with a very diverse and inclusive work community.

During the Spring and Fall Outdoor Program Instructors lead residential, three- to five- day outdoor science educational programs primarily serving fifth and sixth grades from regional elementary and middle schools, with a goal to provide culturally relevant and impactful learning opportunities for youth. All our lessons are hands-on science and collaborative problem solving-based with a focus on critical thinking, exploration, and environmental stewardship. Instructors lead a group of 12–15 students throughout their program, including facilitating large group activities, leading meals, and working evening programs.

Job listings on our website:


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