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Social Justice Youth Opportunity - Provide Advocacy and Care to All

The PACA (Provide Advocacy and Care to All) Initiative matches experienced youth mentors with impassioned new advocates to guide them to create impactful projects addressing social justice issues. PACA provides individualized support for advocates on the issue/topic of their choice. The initiative fosters youth empowerment and growth, with youth leading every operation. PACA exists as a YMCA program under the Youth Empowerment Fund, and is completely remote (as of now). PACA provides personalized guidance through mentorship and structured guidance through our curated advocacy curriculum. PACA also connects youth with resources to advocate more effectively, specifically helping them in the early stages of advocacy by streamlining ideas, building connections, initiating tangible work, and funding. PACA also acts as an outlet for youth to express their social justice passions, grow, and learn openly within the welcome space.

If you want to make a change to address an issue that you deeply care about but don’t know where to start, apply to be a PACA Advocate today. Guidance from experienced advocates will help you speak out, be a leader, and get $10,000 in funding to continue your advocacy project. 

If you have advocacy/activist experience, apply to be a PACA Mentor to help your peers make the world a better place! For more information, the application, and answers to your questions visit and DM @paca.sf on Instagram. 

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