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Social Media Manager Internship Program

We’ve just opened 2 positions for overseas high schoolers 16+ y/o and it’d be great if your students could take part in the selection process. The internship lasts 6 months (Feb – Jul), and it’s entirely remote work. The intern will learn how to engage with confidence with an audience of more than 5,000 scientists (our follower base on Twitter) and expand it autonomously. More information in the brochure attached.

We’ve designed the program to be 100% compatible with school duties, and we’ve already successfully completed internships with students from UK, US, and Italian schools.

The selection process starts with a short motivational letter (free format). We'll then schedule calls with those who seem most suited for the position and select the 2 students that will join the internship program. Please feel free email if you're interested and send your motivational letter.

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