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Summer Course for Beginners in Arabic [$1000 Scholarship]

The University of Mississippi Arabic Language Flagship Program offers high school students the opportunity to gain cultural competency and language proficiency through a summer intensive course for beginners in Arabic. Students selected for this competitive program will join a small cohort of dedicated language learning, earning 6 college credit in this month-long session (July). Arabic has been identified as a critical need language valued by employers and organizations across the globe, so the UM Summer Arabic Language Institute offers students a foundation for advancement in many career pathways.

If you have students that are interested in the program, please have them complete the following links below:


  2. UM Undergraduate Admissions Application (click here) Applicants must complete the application as a "non-degree seeking student" attending for the "Full Summer 2022-2023" term. Please see the tutorial video and guide below for more detailed instructions. UM Admissions App Tutorial Video

  • If the application fee will cause undue hardship for your family or you are unable to pay due to financial need, please have your school counselor complete the NACAC application fee waiver on your behalf.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with me.


Kathy Denise Thompson, MSW

Coordinator of Outreach Programs

Provost/VC for Academic Affairs

Outreach & Continuing Education

The University of Mississippi

P.O. Box 1848

J10 Jackson Avenue Center

University, MS 38677-1848


O: +1-6629152344

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