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Support Oakland Teachers on Strike

In 2019, Oakland educators went on a historic seven day strike. Bread for Ed, a project of East Bay Democratic Socialist of America, helped feed over 4,000 kids per day across Oakland during the strike. And we're back to do it again!

Oakland teachers are gearing up for a possible strike! Public education in Oakland is in a state of crisis-classes are overcrowded, and the Oakland Education Association (OEA) has been without a contract for over seven months. Stand with teachers to win the schools their students deserve!

Oakland students and teachers need your support to win this fight! Bread for Ed is an effort to provide food for those during the strike that will not have access to such resources if they do not cross the picket line. There are 37,000 students and around 3,000 members of the Oakland Educators Association in this fight to defend the public school in Oakland. The vast majority of these students depend on free or reduced lunches, so this food fund is a critical show of solidarity with the Oakland community.

OEA teachers are fighting to defend public education by campaigning for a new contract that provides:

1) Smaller class sizes

2) More student support

3) A living wage

From NYC to LA, teachers are standing up for themselves, their students, and public education. Please help save our schools and fight back against austerity. Donate today and please share widely!

If your organization is interested in helping with food distribution, or you would like to donate meals, please reach out at the email below.

Contact info:


A note to all supporters: Per OEA's request, funds will be collected by East Bay DSA and paid out to our local food provider partners, and remaining funds will be sent to the OEA member assistance fund (strike fund). East Bay DSA is a 501c4 so your donations are not tax-deductible.

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