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TeenTechSF STEM Inclusivity Forum

REGISTER NOW for the April 9th TeenTechSF STEM Inclusivity Forum, and please share our information about our upcoming forum and workshop series with your network of students:

Join us on Saturday, April 9th for the 2022 TeenTechSF STEM Inclusivity Forum, an opportunity for teens to hear from diverse role models from Google, Adobe, and Strava, to connect with opportunities in the STEM field, and to join hands-on STEM workshops on Machine Learning, Video Game Design, and App Creation.

With this year’s theme of Diversity in Tech: Closing the Gap, we’re focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and hearing from engineers who are breaking barriers in the tech industry including Jasmine Talavera, a UC Davis CS graduate working in IT at Google; Justin Friend, Head of Customer Onboarding at Adobe; and our opening speaker Camille Tate, Head of Talent at Strava.

We’ll also be exploring various STEM opportunities offered by organizations providing internships, summer programs, and other tech resources for youth during a panel and networking breakout sessions, with representatives from Technovation, MissionBit, Code Tenderloin, NASA, and OpenBrackets.

This is a gateway tech experience for many and we are proud to welcome students who are new to tech and coding! As part of the event, you'll also be able to participate in interactive, beginner-friendly STEM workshops including:

  • Introduction to Video Game Design

  • How to Create a LinkedIn Profile

  • Prototyping and App Design with Figma

  • How To Make a Discord Bot

  • How to Start a Personal Project for Your Coding Portfolio

  • Image Detection with Machine Learning

  • [EXCLUSIVE] OpenBrackets Workshop

  • [EXCLUSIVE] Technovation App Inventor Workshop

REGISTER TODAY for the 2022 STEM Inclusivity Forum:! Event is free, but space is limited and advance registration is required.


2022 TEENTECHSF SPRING WORKSHOPS Starting March 21st, TeenTechSF is offering weekly workshops on topics such as using tech to predict heart disease, and creating your own portfolio website! All workshops in this series are beginner-friendly, and accessibility features such as breakout rooms for assistance are provided to ensure everyone is able to master our tech concepts and further their own creations.

Like all TeenTechSF events, our workshop series are free! REGISTER at

TeenTechSF is run by and for teens – Find out more about Who We Are and What We Do at and fill out if you’d like to join the TeenTechSF student leadership team!

We hope to see your community at a TeenTechSF event soon!

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