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The Changemaker Project

As summer is quickly coming to an end, we’re all gearing up for the upcoming school year. We hope you and your students will be part of The Changemaker Project this year! Our registration deadline is September 15th, so please make sure your students are registered and you are signed up if you’d like to participate

The Changemaker Project offers an opportunity for students to develop meaningful solutions to the social issues they’re most passionate about. We provide an easy-to-use curriculum that walks students through the process of learning about social and climate justice issues, designing innovative solutions, and developing as leaders in their community.

In February, we host a Global Pitch event where teams get to pitch their ideas to win seed funding for their projects. Over the next three months, we mentor students as they launch and execute their projects. On June 4th, students will have an opportunity to present their finished projects and the impact they've made at our Changemaker Showcase event.

Throughout the year, we host a Zoom call every Saturday (10-10:30am PST) for students around the world to connect with one another, meet awesome guest speakers, and receive mentorship on their projects.

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