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The Commonwealth Club of California

As students are taking their finals, preparing for graduation and making plans for summer, we want to congratulate them for completing another milestone in their education. We also want to help continue fueling their minds by giving a free 1-year membership in The Commonwealth Club of California to 2022 graduates! Students graduating from high school, community college, college, or graduate school in the class of 2022 will receive the following membership benefits:

  • Exclusive access to members-only events

  • One free or discounted ticket per paid program

  • Subscription to the Club’s digital magazine, The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth Club of California is a nonprofit, member-supported public affairs forum. Your membership gives you up-close and personal access to the thought leaders of our day and opens the door to the nearly 500 events we present every year, both onsite and online. If you have a 2022 graduate in your family or circle of friends, or if you are a graduate, don't pass up this excellent opportunity. Get Your Membership

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