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The History and Ethics of Protests in America

Dear Friends of SEGL:

We hope to see you this Wednesday (6/24) at 8pm Eastern for our fourth SEGL TV class on The History and Ethics of Protest in America. The course is part of SEGL's response to our current national trauma. 

Aisha Harris, writer and editor in the Opinion section of the New York Times will be joining us to discuss so-called "performative wokeness." In her widely-shared and discussed opinion piece, "This You? (It Definitely Is)", she calls out prominent individuals and institutions who have shown support for the recent protests, but need to, in her words, "confront things they might have said or done that seemingly contradict their newfound commitment."

This class is for all SEGL community members. To join, visit SEGL TV at 8pm Eastern on Wednesday. To prepare for the class, please do the following:

2. Have a conversation with three different people. Discuss the following prompt with them: What do the people most affected by racism need in this moment, and from whom? Journal about what you have learned from these conversations. This work is not required. If you chose not to complete it, reflect in your journal about why you didn't. Was it not worth your time? Was it the wrong thing to do? Did it make you uncomfortable? Is there another conversation you think might be more useful?

See you on Wednesday!

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