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Veterinary Medicine and Geography

Immerse Education's Cambridge Summer School enables motivated and ambitious students from all over the world to gain an insight into advanced subject material, learning directly from expert faculty members from leading universities including Cambridge University, Oxford University and Harvard University. Highly motivated participants attend from around the world, and carefully designed curricula not only stimulate students’ intellectual curiosity and challenge their expectations in their own ability, but will also support them as they embark on decisions about their university studies, and future goals. Extracurricular activities, including Preparation Workshops, support the most ambitious students on their path to academic excellence.

The 16-18 year old programmes are intellectually stimulating and intensive, and are designed to provide a unique taster of what it’s like to study a subject at university level. We are delighted to add Veterinary Medicine and Geography to our 2020 programmes.

Further information on the Immerse Veterinary Medicine programme is available at:

Further information on the Immerse Geography programme is available at:

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