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Virtual Conference - Afro & Indigenous Science-Fiction and Fantasy

Hi community, 

This is Lil Milagro Henriquez with Mycelium Youth Network. As many of you know, we are an all Black and Brown organization that works with frontline youth to prepare them for climate change. This weekend, Mycelium is hosting our fall fundraiser and annual conference, Apocalyptic ResilienceApocalyptic Resilience is a two day gamer-style virtual conference that will pull heavily from Afro & Indigenous science-fiction and fantasy. Youth (8 - 18) and adults will ‘level up’ on issues related to climate resilience with ten different break-out workshops and six panels and presentations. The second half of the second day, youth and adults will play a virtual Dungeons and Dragons game that relates to climate change issues and which will be live-streamed on Twitch. Youth will attend for free and adult tickets are sliding scale. This week, we're offering 20% off using the coupon code: Dreaming2020. This conference is meant to be a fun way for us to freedom together all while learning climate resilience skills. 

Funding will directly go to support the work we do year-round with frontline youth of color to prepare them for climate change. 

If you haven't gotten your tickets, selected your beginning character sheet, and customized your character, you're missing out! Break-out workshops and presentations include: Keynote speakers: 

  • Saturday, Nov. 14th: Isha Clark (Youth Vs. Apocalypse) & Atekpatzin Young: Seeding the Future: Intergenerational Conversations for Radical Imaginings

  • Sunday, Nov. 15th: Dominique Thomas on Afrofuturism, Organizing, and EarthSeed: A Journey to Collective Liberation

Session 1 (Saturday):

  • Presentation: Indigenous Epist(ecologies) Will Save You: Prescribed Fire and the Future of the West Coast with Melinda Adams

  • Workshop: Building Your Characters: Individual Choices for Powerful Community Impact with Lil Milagro Henriquez

Session 2 (Saturday):

  • Presentation: Summoning the Beast In Order to Slay It: Moving Beyond Capitalism with Zara Zimbardo & Ra Criscitiello

  • Presentation: Afro-Indigenous Futurism in Elementary School Education with Marylin Zuniga

  • Workshop: Apocalypse Chic: Upcycling Your Armour with Linda Le

  • Workshop: There’s a Plant For That: Creating a Medicinal First Aid Kit with Berenice Dimas

  • Workshop: Eco-Mapping Your Hood with Phoenix Armenta

Session 3 (Saturday):

  • Interactive Presentation: Using Tech to Get Hyphae: Cultivating Climate Change Action in a Virtual Classroom with Jomar Ventura

  • Presentation: Decolonizing Business: Creative and Sustainable Solutions with Julia Miller-Vasquez

  • Workshop: Channeling Your Inner Yoda: Somatic Focus for Resilience with Maya Carlson

  • Workshop: Tapped In: Youth Activism 101 with Kaliyah Vernon

  • Workshop: Disaster First Aid

Session 4 (Sunday):

  • Presentation: Rising to the Occasion: Sea-Level Rise & Community Planning with Nahal Ghoghaie

  • Presentation: Earth Transformers: Writing and Passing Environmental Ballot Measures with The Fairness Project

  • Presentation: Untangling Colonialism, Decolonizing Advocacy with Ruth Miller and Native Moment

  • Workshop: Our Heart is the Drumbeat: Songs for all Situations with Dani Cornejo

  • Workshop: Herbalism 102: Magic Spells and Healing Potions with Phoenix Armenta

  • Workshop: Moving the Planet In You: Dance as Self care and Self Expression with Melecio Estrella

We will end Sunday with a close to three hour interactive, environmental justice DnD game that features such issues as sea-level rise, soil erosion, deforestation, and capitalism.

We would love to see you there! 


Lil Milagro Henriquez Executive Director & Founder Mycelium Youth Network  (Office) 510 842-6793 (Cell) 303 929 2402 pronouns: she / her / hers

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