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Volunteer for the Brain Tumor 5k (BT5K)

Event: San Francisco BT5K

Date: November 4, 2023

Location: Lake Merced Park, San Francisco, CA

Time: 6:00 am - Noon

Here are the roles where volunteers are needed:

Volunteer Tent

  • Assist other volunteers with checking-in

  • Accept waivers from volunteers and make sure everyone has a signed waiver

  • Point volunteers to their assigned positions and make sure all areas are sufficiently staffed

*Registration/Donations Tent (*combined with Participant Check-In – all in one tent)

  • Assist participants who need to register for the event and/or turn in donations raised and collect their participant packets

  • Must be comfortable using laptop (Chromebook) and cell phone (square for donations)

  • Must be comfortable with public speaking/contact with people

  • Training will be provided the morning of in the tent

*Participant Check-In (*combined with Day of Registration – all in one tent)

  • Assist participants who have pre-registered for the event

  • Provide them with assigned shirt size, and chipped bib (for runners) or regular bib (for walkers)

  • Must be comfortable using laptop (Chromebook)

  • Must be comfortable with public speaking/contact with people

  • Training will be provided the morning of in the tent

T-Shirt Tent

  • Distribute t shirts to all run/walk participants

Course Marshals

  • You will be positioned at various points throughout the 5K route (along the river front path and near intersection) to direct runners and walkers and encourage them along the way!

Volunteers are asked to:

o Be active, loud, and encouraging to boost the spirits of all participants [Bam Bams (inflatable noise makers) will be provided]

o Point participants in the right direction as they run/walk (arrows will be provided)

Race Sweepers

  • You will be walking the course, staying behind the last walkers.

  • You will have a radio to let us know who the last participant is (survivor, family, person with disabilities), so we can anticipate their arrival.

  • Sweeps can sometimes be the first point of contact if there is an injured or distressed participant.

  • Be prepared to walk the full 3.2 miles, no matter the weather.

Runner Refresh (aka Refreshment Tables)

  • Manage the post-race snacks and water

  • After the start of the race, please begin arranging the food and drinks in a way that is most convenient for the participants

  • As participants finish the 5K, they will take food and water from the tables so please keep each item stocked and within reach

  • As they take food and water, thank them for their support

  • As the event ends, please consolidate and pack up any remaining refreshments and trash

Start/Finish Line

  • Assist walkers and runners at the start and finish line.

  • Participants will be released in sections at the start of the race.

  • Volunteers will cheer returning participants with noisemakers

  • Volunteers will pass out finisher medals

Event Breakdown

  • Collecting all signage

  • Taking down tables, chairs, the gates that line the finish line, etc.

  • Helping ABTA staff pack up supplies that are shipped to the next location.

  • Making sure all garbage is picked up off of the site – we want to leave the site the way we find it.

The flyer attached contains the basic details, along with the volunteer registration link and QR code.

Simply click on this link to register as a volunteer and select which role/s you would like to help with.

Registration can be done individually by each student or as a group registering for one specific role altogether.

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