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[Volunteer] The Evergreen Initiative

Two of the programs The Evergreen Initiative offers are the free tutoring and classes programs for K-12 students, with the primary goal of helping underprivileged students and those who may otherwise not be able to receive tutoring. We pair qualified volunteers (high school/college students) with students to help them with their homework and other subject-related questions. We were even featured on KRON4 News and the LA Times!

We are preparing ourselves for a new season of classes this summer! Volunteers can teach any class of their choice geared toward elementary and middle school students and will earn volunteer hours for both the curriculum that they write and the class itself. Students can sign up for both tutoring and teaching at

In addition, volunteers can apply to be a part of the organization’s leadership teams, providing useful leadership opportunities and chances to meet new volunteers. Volunteers can sign up at

You can read more about these volunteer opportunities on The Evergreen Initiative’s website: The flyers for the different programs can be found on our Google Drive folder here:

To make these programs possible, volunteers are needed!

If you need anything else, please email me back or send an email to Thank you so much!

Aiden Bergey

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