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Volunteer with Lyric Analysis

The Lyric Analysis Program is a San Francisco based educational organization that teaches underprivileged students fundamental skills in literary analysis. Founded by two students, Evan Yee and Justin Detweiler, from Lick-Wilmerding High School, Lyric Analysis began as a school club for fun.  After numerous meetings, positive feedback, and designing a workshop on combating oppression through lyrics, Lyric Analysis piloted a program at the Boys and Girls Club in the Excelsior, teaching weekly lessons on literary devices, analytical thinking, and authorial intent.  10 months later, Lyric Analysis has grown into official programming for three Boys and Girls Clubs across the city. Original lessons and curriculum are designed and taught by Justin and Evan, yearning to provide an accessible and engaging supplement to inner-city students’ classroom education. We work with children of diverse backgrounds, inspiring educational confidence in those who originally did not believe in their academic ability.

Currently, we are sponsored by and an official philanthropy partner to Salesforce Incorporated. We hope to gain more volunteers from the Lick community for our ever-growing program. PPP hours will of course be provided as well as transportation costs. We look forward to having Lick students be a part of what we feel is something special and important.

We teach our program three times a week. Tuesday we teach the Mission Columbia Park Clubhouse from 4-5. Wednesday we teach the Excelsior Clubhouse from 5-6. Thursday we teach the Tenderloin Clubhouse from 4-5.

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