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Volunteer with Project Glimmer

Project Glimmer is on a mission to inspire all girls to envision and realize an empowered future.  We are a national nonprofit organization based in San Francisco that has served over 1 million teenage girls and women in all 50 states from foster care, homeless, low-income, crisis care, and youth service programs.  Through our programming, including Gifts + Goods, Empower Events, 1:1 Career Coaching, and Empowerment Academy, we are dedicated to helping end gender and racial inequality. 

Volunteer Opportunities for Students

Each year we receive close to half a million gift requests from organizations across the country to commemorate Mother's Day, Graduation, Holidays and more. We welcome your students to volunteer with us; below are a few ways to get involved:

  • Visit our East Bay Warehouse and help us sort through beauty donations from Sephora, L'Oréal, Kohls and more!  This is great for spring break or our quarterly weekend days - Click Here for more information.

  • Volunteer from the location of your choice via our Boxing Joy program (great for a volunteer event on-campus or at home) - anytime, anywhere!  Click Here for more information (note there is no fee for picking up kits at the warehouse; there is also an option to pay for shipping if needed).

  • Student Ambassador Program: For students looking for an ongoing volunteer & leadership opportunity, they can sign up to be a Student Ambassador and dedicate 15 volunteer hours over a three month period (100% flexible too)!  Click Here to get started.

“Volunteering is a passion of mine, but so is helping out young girls. As a young female myself, your program is giving me a chance to make a difference.” -Celia, Student Ambassador ‘23 

“I really enjoyed volunteering in person at the Project Glimmer warehouse! I have a lot of fun working there and it felt really good to help the community. I am so excited to return to the warehouse in the spring!”

- Chase, Student Ambassador



Valeria Ballesteros

Assistant Program Manager / 

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