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Volunteer with SF Marin Food bank

Signing up to volunteer at the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank is easy! Create an account and respond to an opportunity as an individual or as a Team. Each person must have a reservation. Check out all our volunteering programs below:

Illinois Warehouse (located in San Francisco)

Home-Delivered Groceries (background check required)

Volunteers in the warehouse assist with building grocery bags, organizing produce, repackaging food items, sorting through food donations, assembling grocery boxes for seniors, and many other projects.

At Food Pantries, volunteers set up and distribute groceries, and clean up the site. You should expect to lift up to 30 pounds repeatedly and interact with participants receiving their groceries.

Shop Floor volunteers maintain, stock, and rotate the inventory and provide customer service to Shop Partners as they select groceries for soup kitchens, after school programs, etc.

Home-Delivered Groceries volunteers use their own car to drop off fresh groceries to participants.

Check out detailed information about all these volunteer opportunities above.

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