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“What Does Climate Change Look Like Here?” Video Collage -- Youth Team Interest Form

For Earth Month 2022, the CCL Youth Team network is creating a video collage asking the question “What Does Climate Change Look Like Here?” CCL Youth Teams across the country are each invited to submit a 2 minute video segment of a mix of visual artwork, music, interviews, photography, and written expression about the impacts of climate change in their local area. The final video, a collage of national images, will end with a Call to Action in support of House Resolution 29 (, supporting the teaching of climate change in schools.

We suggest each team use this as an opportunity to do outreach, asking students K-12 to submit short contributions. Each Youth Team is invited to make their own local two-minute segment and submit for the national compilation by April 22 (Earth Day!).

Please fill out this form to let us know your team is interested and we will send you details on how to submit your video.

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