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Young Founders Club - Startups & Innovation

What is the Young Founders Club? The Young Founders Club is a unique experience where students build real startups with real revenue, compete in a national competition for cash prizes to grow their startups, and join a community of teen-doers who are innovators and builders. As a student, why should I found a club at Lick-Wilmerding? For club founders, this is an opportunity to leave your legacy at your school while pushing forward a national movement to teach entrepreneurship to teens around the world. Club founders will join an elite group of ambitious teen-entrepreneurs that meet regularly to receive coaching from seasoned entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business school professors and support from the Young Founders Institute. This is the Young Founders Club’s first year  and they are limiting the total number of clubs that can be founded this year to 20. Be the innovator a Lick-Wilmerding High School To found a Young Founders Club at your school, apply here: If you have questions, feel free to email


Nicki Medford | Entrepreneur in Residence 

Cell: 719.493.6243  Email:

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