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Youth Grants Board [Have a service or social justice project idea?]

Photography From the Heart “provides family photographs to socio-economically challenged immigrants, providing optimism and a feeling of being held and supported by their relatives and community as they work to integrate into this culture” (2019 proposal).

2 Strings “is based on the fundamental belief that friendship transcends divides. Students send pen-pal letters to one another, meet up together at school events, and receive the support of the program and all who have rallied behind it. The program teaches them first hand the value of friendship and connections to those who have different backgrounds from them. My objective is that young children in the program develop empathy and emotional intelligence” (2020 proposal).

Attached, please find our grant application and promotional flyer. The deadline for grant applications is February 1. Please pass along this information to any middle or high school students you believe might be interested in applying. We look forward to receiving applications from your institution.

Thank you,

Rachel Kay

Member of Marin Academy Youth Grants Board

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