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Youth Leaders Wanted! ALPS

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Do you have an idea for change you want to see in your neighborhood, community or school? Do you want to get involved in activism and community service but don't know how?

The Action Leadership Program with Students (ALPS) is now looking for high schoolers who want to serve their community and have an idea for change they want to see! In ALPS, young people can expect to work with peers in short-term community change projects and develop leadership, community and problem-solving skills with the guidance of a trained leadership coach! Projects can be in any area of your choosing. In the past, students have designed projects around mental health, climate change, health & fitness education, Asian American health advocacy, anti-bullying, etc.

If you and a group of friends have a community project idea, ALPS can help you bring it to life. Get valuable leadership, professional and life skills while getting community service hours!

Get started by...

  • Brainstorming some observations you and your peers have made in your neighborhood. Are there members in your community that could benefit from your help? Are there issues that exist you want to address? Do you want to serve, educate, advocate or inform?

  • Decide on a topic/problem/area you want to create a service project in.

  • Reach out to us at with your project idea.

  • Get paired with a leadership coach to bring your idea to life!

  • Get community service hours, leadership and professional skills, and real-world experience!

Other facts:

  • No long-term commitment! You can decide how long your project will be (4-12 weeks).

  • Choice and creativity are encouraged- you (and your peers) identify and decide what project/topic you want to explore.

  • Rolling registration and flexible project planning make it easy for you and your leadership coach to create a coaching schedule that works for your lives.

  • You gain community service opportunities in areas of your interest!

*Project facilitation sessions and coaching are currently done via Zoom, but in-person project activities may be planned if necessary and agreed upon by all participants and their leadership coach.

Ready to get started? Email Harmony, the ALPS Program Manager, to get involved today! Or, view more information on our FAQ sheet or check us out on Instagram @alpsrotary.

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